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Free Delivery When You Spend £99

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Discover the warmth of nature with us

Welcome to Cottage Logs, your premier destination for sustainable, high-quality firewood and eco-friendly heating solutions.

At Cottage Logs, we pride ourselves on providing expertly Kiln Dried and Seasoned logs as well as Kindling sourced from responsibly managed British woodlands.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that every log we supply not only offers exceptional warmth and comfort but also supports the health of our environment.

Whether you’re looking to stock up for the winter months or enhance the cosy ambiance of your home, Cottage Logs is your trusted partner for reliable and locally sourced firewood.

No more hassle with large seasonal orders! At Cottage Logs, we offer logs in convenient sizes starting from 20kg. Each order is delivered in waterproof barrow bags, ensuring easy storage whether in your wood store, garage, porch, or any preferred location.

Plus with easy ordering and local home delivery within 2-3 days of your order, you’ll be guaranteed a warm winter by the fire.

Firewood You Can Trust

At Cottage Logs, we prioritise environmental responsibility. We carefully manage the journey of our firewood to minimise our ecological impact, ensuring sustainable practices every step of the way.

From sustainably managed estates within the UK to our Woodsure Accredited supplier’s yard and finally to your front door, we consider our environmental impact every step of the way. This ensures we can continue to heat our homes responsibly for years to come.