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About Cottage Logs

At Cottage Logs, we are more than just a firewood delivery company – we are your partners in keeping the heart of your home warm and inviting. Our commitment to delivering top-notch firewood logs goes beyond the convenience; it’s about providing you with the highest quality fuel to create lasting memories around your fireplace.

Our Process

  • All of our hardwood logs begin their journeys from managed estates within the UK.
  • Our Woodsure Accredited supplier then carefully selects trees from sustainable floristries in the UK, meaning that for every tree that we use one is planted in its place.
  • The Logs are then transported to our yard where they are seasoned and stored for 12 Months, ensuring they burn perfectly when the time comes to use them.
  • Each Log is then carefully cut into size using our logging machine before all debris and excess bark is removed, ensuring your delivery is full of only the best firewood.
  • The Logs are then left to rest for upwards of 3 months, enuring they are seasoned to perfection, before being hand sorted for delivery to our customers.


As a local company in the heart of the Great British countryside we understand how important the planet is to our future.

All of our Hardwood Logs are therefore sourced directly from sustainable floristries, meaning that for every tree our supplier cuts down, one is planted in its place.

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there as we have endeavoured to use entirely reusable packaging, with our Carry Bags being returnable and reclaimable.

Woodsure Accredited Logs

All of our Hardwood Logs are accredited by the Woodsure Certification, a scheme which ensures to customers the safety and quality of Firewood.

Our supplier has held this accreditation since 2018 and this therefore ensures that all of our products have been produced and sourced inline with the standards required by the EN.


Whilst Logs typically need to be stacked away in wood stores, our barrow bags differ in that they offer a convenient and effective storage option for your Hardwood, allowing the Logs’ to continue their seasoning process at home.

The bags durability also mean that they can be reused or returned to us upon your next order, reducing the environmental impact of our business.